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American Pride Quit Pattern


English about the American Pride quilt pattern Celebrate the Red, White and Blue. Show your patriotic spirit by sewing the classic American Pride quilt! This stunning star-spangled quilt celebrates the red, white and blue of the American flag.

Introducing the American Pride Quilt Pattern

The American Pride quilt features rows of stars and stripes set against a navy blue background. The quilt radiates a vibrant patriotic theme with its colorful patchwork design.

American Pride Quit Pattern
American Pride Quit Pattern

The stars are crafted from small white squares trimmed with red. Horizontal red and white striped sashing provides contrast and completes the American flag motif.

This timeless quilt pattern has graced beds and walls in homes across America for generations. The American Pride quilt’s symbolic style never goes out of fashion.

Quilting Tutorial for Sewing American Pride

Follow these steps to sew your own treasured American Pride quilt:

  1. Cut navy blue squares for the background.
  2. Cut small white squares and red rectangles for the stars.
  3. Sew white star squares together with red rectangles.
  4. Stitch star blocks and vertical sashing strips together in rows.
  5. Sew rows together, adding horizontal sashing between rows.
  6. Sandwich quilt top, batting and backing.
  7. Quilt as desired in a star or stripe motif.
  8. Bind edges to finish.

Sample American Pride blocks are included in the pattern for reference. But feel free to get creative with star placement and sashing width.

Quilting Tips for Mastering American Pride

Follow these tips for success sewing this quilt:

  • Use 100% cotton fabrics for durability.
  • Starch fabrics before cutting for precision.
  • Square up blocks as you go to maintain shape.
  • Press seams open to prevent distortion.
  • Use a walking foot for even quilting lines.
  • Bind with handmade double-fold binding.

Personalize Your American Pride Quilt

Make your version of this classic quilt unique by:

  • Adding applique star accents.
  • Using reproduction civil war fabrics.
  • Adding a sentimental label.
  • Incorporating antique buttons.
  • Creating special keepsake size.

Celebrate American heritage all year long with the timeless American Pride quilt pattern! Display your handmade quilt with pride. That pattern is by www.qovf.org

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