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Kite Flight Quilt Pattern


Sew a Whimsical Kite Flight Quilt for Your Home Take your quilting skills to new heights with the cheerful Kite Flight quilt! This beginner-friendly quilt pattern creates a colorful whimsical design that looks like kites flying across the sky.

Introducing the Kite Flight Quilt Pattern

The Kite Flight quilt features bold diamond shapes resembling the sweeping tails of kites dancing on the wind. The kite shapes are cut from brightly colored prints in shades of pink, yellow, blue, green and orange.

Kite Flight Quilt Pattern
Kite Flight Quilt Pattern

The kite shapes seem to float across a solid white background fabric. Their rainbow tails intertwine against the crisp white backdrop, creating striking contrast and movement.

This happy quilt adds a pop of playful personality perfect for a bedroom or living area. The Kite Flight quilt pattern provides step-by-step instructions for both beginner and experienced quilters.

Sewing Tutorial for the Kite Flight Quilt

Follow these simple steps to sew your own Kite Flight quilt:

  1. Cut solid white fabric for the background.
  2. Cut kite shapes from assorted prints in a variety of sizes.
  3. Arrange kites on the white background in a pleasing composition.
  4. Sew kites to background using precise 1⁄4″ seam allowances.
  5. Press seams open to reduce bulk.
  6. Layer backing, batting and quilt top.
  7. Quilt as desired then bind edges.

Have fun arranging and rearranging the kites before sewing to find a layout you love! Feel free to incorporate any colorful prints.

Quilting and Design Tips

Follow these tips for quilting success:

  • Starch fabrics before cutting for precision.
  • Use a rotary cutter and ruler for perfect angles.
  • Square up the quilt as you piece the top.
  • Use cotton batting and thread for durability.
  • Outline quilt kite shapes to make them pop.
  • Bind edges with coordinating printed fabric.

Personalize Your Kite Flight Quilt

Make your Kite Flight quilt unique by customizing it:

  • Vary kite sizes and shapes.
  • Add loops to kite tails for whimsy.
  • Use classic calico prints or children’s novelties.
  • Embellish with buttons, ribbons or embroidery.
  • Create different color combinations.

Let your creativity soar with the cheery Kite Flight quilt! This satisfying beginner quilt pattern will have you flying high in quilting delight.

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