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Ambience Quilt Pattern Free


Ambience Quilt Pattern The Ambience quilt pattern is a beautiful quilting project that creates a vibrant, energetic impression. With its contemporary design, it’s perfect for decorating any space with a modern touch.

Ambience Quilt Pattern

This pattern utilizes bold geometric shapes and a daring color scheme to achieve its dramatic effect. The background consists of squares cut on the angle and arranged in diagonal rows. This creates a motion effect that emerges from the quilt.

Ambience Quilt Pattern
Ambience Quilt Pattern

The geometric shapes that stand out against the background include circles, triangles, diamonds, and traps. They are cut in varied sizes from fabrics in shades of orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The creative mixing and matching of these shapes and colors results in a complex, energetic pattern.

Although the design is quite intricate, the instructions for creating this Ambience quilt are quite simple. You will need fabrics in the following sizes:

  • 30 5-inch squares for the background
  • 4 7-inch circles
  • 8 4-inch triangles
  • 12 3-inch diamonds
  • 8 5-inch traps

The background squares should be cut on the diagonal. Then assemble the background by alternating the diagonal colors. Next, collage the contrasting colored geometric shapes in the desired layout.

The key to this project is being creative and bold with mixing colors and shapes. Blend sizes and position shapes to create a vibrant design.

You can customize this quilt pattern by altering the colors or sizes of the shapes. You can also substitute shapes—try using hexagons, stars, or flowers. Let your imagination flow!

The Ambience quilt will add a modern, elegant touch to any room. It’s ideal for a living room, guest bedroom, or college dorm. It also makes a wonderful gift for an experienced quilter.

The striking effect of this quilt will certainly inspire conversation. Let your creativity shine with this exciting, contemporary quilting project. The Ambience pattern will take your décor to a whole new level.

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