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Wood Lily Quilt Pattern


Wood Lily Quilt Pattern is a beautiful and intricate quilt pattern that is part of the Classic and Vintage series. This pattern is perfect for quilters who are looking for a challenge and want to practice their quilting skills. In this blog post, we will discuss the Wood Lily Quilt pattern, its features, and how to make it.

Features of the Wood Lily Quilt Pattern

Wood Lily Quilt Pattern
Wood Lily Quilt Pattern – by fatquartershop.com

The Wood Lily Quilt pattern is a vintage-inspired design that features a beautiful lily block. This block is made up of many small pieces that are sewn together to create a stunning floral design. The pattern also includes instructions for making a variety of quilt sizes, including crib, lap, twin, and queen-sized quilts.

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How to Make the Wood Lily Quilt

To make the Wood Lily Quilt, you will need to follow the instructions in the pattern carefully. Here are the general steps to make this quilt:

  1. Choose your fabrics: The Wood Lily Quilt pattern requires a variety of fabrics in different colors and prints. You can choose fabrics that match your personal style and taste.

  2. Cut your fabric: Follow the instructions in the pattern to cut your fabric pieces. You will need to cut many small pieces to make the lily block.

  3. Piece your fabric: Sew your fabric pieces together according to the pattern instructions. You will need to sew many small pieces together to make the lily block.

  4. Assemble your quilt top: Once you have made enough lily blocks, you can sew them together to make your quilt top. Follow the pattern instructions to assemble your quilt top.

  5. Quilt your quilt: Once your quilt top is assembled, you can add batting and a backing fabric to make a quilt sandwich. Then, quilt the layers together using your preferred method. You can use a walking foot or free-motion quilting to add texture and interest to your quilt.

  6. Bind your quilt: Finally, add binding to the edges of your quilt to finish it off. You can use a coordinating fabric or a metallic fabric to add some sparkle.


The Wood Lily Quilt is a beautiful and intricate quilt pattern that is perfect for quilters who are looking for a challenge. This pattern features a stunning lily block that is made up of many small pieces. By following the pattern instructions carefully, you can create a beautiful quilt that you will be proud to display in your home.

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