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Quilt Squared Up: Exploring the Beauty of Quilting with Nested Blocks.The world of quilting is brimming with creativity and artistic expression. Among the countless techniques and patterns that quilters employ, “Quilt Squared Up” stands out as a fascinating approach that blends quilting tradition with design innovation. In this article, we will explore the unique beauty of Quilt Squared Up, a style that incorporates the concept of one quilt block within another, resulting in stunning and intricate visual patterns.

Quilt Squared Up: Concept and Origins

Quilt Squared Up, also known as “Nested Blocks,” is a quilting technique that involves overlaying blocks of varying sizes and designs to create an intriguing visual effect. The underlying concept of this technique is not only to add depth and complexity to quilts but also to provide quilters with an opportunity to showcase their skill in combining patterns and colors. That pattenr is by modafabrics.com

Quilt Squared Up
Quilt Squared Up

The precise origins of Quilt Squared Up may be challenging to trace, as quilting is a tradition passed down orally and through generations. Nevertheless, over the years, many talented quilters have explored this technique to craft truly impressive pieces.

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Creative Process and Execution

Creating a Quilt Squared Up demands a solid understanding of traditional quilting techniques as well as bold imagination to experiment with unique block combinations. Here is a general guide on how to craft a quilt using this technique:

1. **Block Selection**: Choose at least two quilt blocks with distinct designs. Typically, a larger block will serve as the background, while a smaller block will be placed within the center. The interaction between these blocks forms the visual effect.

2. **Sizes and Proportions**: Block sizes can vary based on your creative preference. The central block should be smaller than the background block, but the exact proportion depends on the visual outcome you aim to achieve.

3. **Color Combination**: Color selection is pivotal to the success of Quilt Squared Up. Colors can boldly contrast or create a gentle harmony. Experiment with different color combinations to find the one that best highlights the block overlay.

4. **Assembly and Stitching**: Start by assembling the smaller block within the center of the larger block. This can be achieved through precise stitching and careful alignment of the blocks. The use of accurate piecing techniques is crucial to ensure pattern alignment.

5. **Quilting and Finishing**: Once the blocks are stitched, initiate the quilting process to secure the quilt’s layers. Quilting can be done by hand or machine, depending on your skills and preferences. Finish the quilt with an elegant border to provide a complete touch to the piece.

**Exploring Creativity**

One of the major attractions of Quilt Squared Up is the creative freedom it offers. Quilters can explore endless design possibilities, ranging from traditional block combinations to bold experiments with colors and shapes. The technique can also be adapted to create three-dimensional effects or to accentuate specific patterns within nested blocks.


Quilt Squared Up is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the quilting world. It blends tradition with innovation, enabling quilters to express their creativity in remarkable ways. By combining blocks of varying sizes and designs, this technique creates an intriguing visual effect that captivates both the observer and the creator. Whether you are an experienced quilter or someone just starting out, Quilt Squared Up offers an exciting journey of artistic exploration and boundless possibilities.

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