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Hexometry quilt Pattern Free


The Hexometry quilt pattern has been gaining popularity in recent years among quilters for its unique geometric design. In this post, I’ll explore what makes this pattern so interesting and how you can create your own Hexometry quilt.

Exploring the Hexometry Quilt Pattern

Hexometry involves creating hexagonal quilt blocks using fat quarters or fabric scraps. The design is composed of hexagons that fit together perfectly, creating a honeycomb effect in the finished quilt. The cool thing is there’s no set color pattern to follow – you can use any combination of colors and prints you like.

Hexometry quilt Pattern
Hexometry quilt Pattern

This allows you to express your creativity and make a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Additionally, the hexagonal shape creates opportunities to insert designs at funky angles and play with asymmetrical color arrangements.

To get started on your own Hexometry quilt, you’ll need a few basic tools and supplies. First, use a hexagon template or create your own to cut the pieces to the right size. You’ll also need thread and a needle to piece the hexagons together.

After cutting your hexagons, begin arranging them on a flat surface until you have a layout you like. Be sure to mix up colors and prints to create contrast and visual interest. When you’re happy with the design, start joining the hexagons using regular stitching or applique.

As the hexagons start getting joined, the whole quilt will begin taking shape! Keep adding rows until the piece is complete. For a polished edge, consider adding a wide border around the quilt’s perimeter.

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Making a Hexometry quilt is time-consuming but the creative process is extremely rewarding. Plus, you’ll end up with a beautiful piece to decorate your home or gift. The crisp geometry of the design really pops in any setting.

If you’re looking for a challenging and gratifying quilting project, try making your own Hexometry quilt. Choose fabrics in bold colors and prints and arrange the hexagons in unexpected ways. Your creativity will shine through the final design! This pattern is by pattern by Sarah Thomas for Hoffman California Fabrics.

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