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Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial Free


Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial by Allison Harris on her blog cluckclucksew.com shows how important creativity is in any kind of cutting and sewing you’re going to do and we all do. Being creative is in our opinion the great importance of having and making differentiated and creative products. So let’s talk about this wonderful work?

Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial

Diagonal Strip Quilt
Diagonal Strip Quilt

Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial as the beginning here of this sentence is a very well explained tutorial easy to do if you take into account that you are really paying attention to every detail of what Allison wrote.

What do we think of this ready quilt? First I can speak with all authority that the colors in the prints, and the prints chosen by Allison had a more than perfect marriage. This wedding is wonderful, sometimes combining different types of colored printed fabrics with single color fabrics is not as easy as you imagine.

Maybe you think: “For me this is soft, I am experienced”. My opinion? If it were a piece of cake there would be thousands of works like this and WE would NOT be here talking about this beautiful work. So think differently, everyone has their creativity and today is Allison our HIGHLIGHT.

Making Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial, the perfect marriage of varied prints along with unique colors in strips, making diagonal squares and ufaaa interconnected … was a beautiful work that we recommend you do!

Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial by Allison Harris
Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial by Allison Harris – cluckclucksew.com

Now let’s bring your attention again to this image below which again I will not tire of mentioning that all images here are from cluckclucksew.com, the Allison Harris blog.
About this wonderful work Allison wrote in her article Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial:

“There are a few different ways to make these diagonal quilt blocks…but by far my favorite method is this tube method below. These are fairly easy blocks to make, but I wouldn’t recommend this quilt to a brand new quilter as there are shades of bias (stretchy) edges to deal with.”

Questions about Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial

  1. Can I make this pattern in other colors?
    • Of course, you will only get the inspiration based on the pattern we present here Make Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial.
  2. Can I do it in a smaller or larger size?
    • Of course you can! But when making it smaller, (referring to the diagonals) you need to make a little more “diagonal squares” to give the exact size you want of your kilt.
    • ¬†You can make it bigger for sure, but being aware of the final size is important, as you know, the bigger the diagonals the less will be made.

In the end all that matters is you know how to adapt your taste, your need and your creativity to Allison’s Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial work. What we’ve made clear to you is that maintaining the style of the pattern is fundamental so that it can be called a beautiful Diagonal Strip Quilt.

The same pattern you can make pillowcase or pillowcase for a build to your bedroom, or pillows to use in your living room or living room actually for any environment you want to make to use for home, office or for your husband’s truck or a relative.

Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial by Allison Harris
Diagonal Strip Quilt Tutorial by Allison Harris – cluckclucksew.com

We hope you enjoyed this beautiful pattern and that you can do it as the next project for now 2021 and because it is a very colorful quilt that brings happiness, you can find even more joy after doing it. Access below to have the complete pattern.https://cluckclucksew.com/2016/10/diagonal-strip-quilt-tutorial.html



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